“The Liberty Forum is an opportunity for an open debate with many ideas about the individual, the law, property and copyrights. The Liberty Forum’s biggest advantage is that it proposes solutions. There are other events, but none of them offer concrete proposals.”

- Jorge Gerdau Johannpeter – president of the Grupo Gerdau Board of Directors


“Freedom is a fundamental value in legal positivism. Freedom is referred to in the preamble to the Constitution and in the first article that introduces the Constitution, and is cited again in the free enterprise market economy plan. A forum that specifically discusses liberty in all forms, especially freedom of the press, should be praised for its importance.”

— Carlos Ayres Britto – Former Minister of the Supreme Federal Court (STF)


John Bruton_ Foto5 (2) - Cópia

“The relevance of the Liberty Forum is the free exchange of ideas, questioning
how Brazil can do things the best way”

— John Bruton - Prime Minister of Ireland (1994-1997)