Liberty Forum Colloquies

One of the most recent innovations on the Liberty Forum are the Colloquies: organized meetings along the year, in which speakers are invited for discussion panels. The colloquies take place at the Sheraton Hotel, in Porto Alegre. Around 250 guests attend every event.  

On previous editions, the event has brought Arturo Damm Arnal, Ricardo López Murphy, Denis Rosenfield, Louis Basire, Walter Lídio Nunes, Daniel Randon, Clovis Meurer, Fernando Schüler, Mário Mesquita, Dan Ioschip, Demétrio Magnoli, Lair Hanzen and Marcos Troyjo for discussion panels.

1st Colloquy (2)

1st Colloquy (3)

1st Colloquy

2nd Colloquy

2nd Colloquy (2)

3rd Colloquy

3rd Colloquy (2)

3rd Colloquy (3)

4th Colloquy

4th Colloquy (2)

4th Colloquy (3)

5th Colloquy

5th Colloquy (2)

5th Colloquy (3)

Walter Lídio Nunes

Ricardo López Murphy

Mário Mesquita

Marcos Troyjo

Louis Basire

Lair Hanzen

Fernando Schüler

Denis Rosenfield

Demétrio Magnoli

Daniel Randon

Dan Ioschip

Clovis Meurer

Arturo Damm Arnal