Libertas Award

In 1997, in celebration of the Liberty Forum’s first decade, IEE created the Libertas Award, which is given to entrepreneurs who stand out for their appreciation of free market principles and respect for the democratic rule of law.


Liberty Forum X Jorge Gerdau Johannpeter
Liberty Forum XI: Paulo Afonso Feijó
Liberty Forum XII: Anton Karl Biedermann
Liberty Forum XIII: William Ling
Liberty Forum XIV: Carlos Smith
Liberty Forum XV: Armínio Fraga Neto
Liberty Forum XVI: Leônidas Zelmanovitz
Liberty Forum XVII: Ricardo Ranzolin
Liberty Forum XVIII: Renato Malcon
Liberty Forum XIX: Margaret Tse
Liberty Forum XX: Salim Mattar
Liberty Forum XXI: Paulo Guedes
Liberty Forum XXII: Rodrigo Constatino
Liberty Forum XXIII: HélioBeltrão
Liberty Forum XXIV: Paulo Uebel
Liberty Forum XXV: Carlos Fernando Souto
26th Liberty Forum: João Roberto Marinho
27th Liberty Forum: Gustavo Fraco
28th Liberty Forum: Walter Lídio
29th Liberty Forum: José Galló 

30th Liberty Forum: David Vélez


Freedom of the Press Award

The Freedom of the Press Award was created by IEE in 2007 to honor individuals dedicated to developing critical thinking and defending freedom of the press.


Liberty Forum XX: Gilberto Simões Pires
Liberty Forum XXI: Carlos Alberto Sardenberg
Liberty Forum XXII: Roberto Civita
Liberty Forum XXIII: Marcel Granier
Liberty Forum XXIV: Yoani Sanchez
Liberty Forum XXV: Nelson Sirotsky
26th Liberty Forum: Minister Carlos Ayres Britto
27th Liberty Forum: Julio Saguier
28th Liberty Forum: William Waack
29th Liberty Forum: Diego Casagrande  

30th Liberty Forum: Spotniks (Felippe Hermes)