Fórum da Liberdade (Liberty Forum)


This event has been held by the Institute for entrepreneurial Studies (IEE) since 1988, and in 2013 it was recognized by Forbes Magazine as the largest space for political, economic and social debate in Latin America.

Fórum da Liberdade features debates between renowned speakers and promotes objective and viable alternatives to solve problems in Brazil and Latin America. Because of the quality of the debates, speakers and the event itself, the Liberty Forum gets a great deal of national media coverage every year.

Annually, the event brings together an average of 5,000 people and over 200,000 visits to the Liberty Forum Online. Thus, in its attempts to improve the lives of all Brazilians, this event has contributed to sustainable development and creating stronger democratic institutions.



The event aims to analyze social, political, and economic issues through large debates, as well as propose alternative ways to create a society with more prosperity and freedom. Fórum da Liberdade is an initiative that fosters culture and education in our country through its belief in a free, diverse nation.

In 28 editions, the Forum has brought together over 300 speakers, including 103 from foreign, 5 Nobel Prize winners (James Buchanan, Gary Becker, James Heckman, Mario Vargas Losa and Douglass North), 7 heads of state or governments, 53 political leaders, 16 ministers of State, also business leaders, academics and scholars.