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About IEE

Fórum da Liberdade is annually organized by the Institute for Entrepreneurial Studies (Instituto de Estudos Empresariais, in Portuguese), a civil non-profit association with no political engagements that was founded in Porto Alegre in 1984. IEE has as its main goal the formation and education of new leaders, basing this formation process on the concepts of a free market, economy and free will. By stimulating the debate and the sharing of experiences, IEE believes to be forming and educating ethical and results-driven professionals to achieve success in their fields of expertise. 

In almost 30 years, IEE has been recognized for its work in the formation of business leaders and in the promotion of the culture of liberty. In 2007, the Institute has been awarded with the Templeton Freedom Award Grant as one of the most promising global institutions for the defense of liberty. In 2013, the Institute was recognized by Forbes Magazine as the Think Tank that puts together the largest debate event in Latin America: the Liberty Forum. Was also classified as one of the 150 organizations that most influence political, social and economic transformations in the world, ranking in 2013 Global Go to Think Tanks organized by the University of Pennsylvania.