2018 Fórum da Liberdade – The Voice of Change

Event Schedule

9 and 10 April, 2018


Main Stage

April 9th ​​- Monday

16h – A new route for Latin America:

- Miguel Otero, CEO of the Venezuelan newspaper El Nacional

- Carlos Mesa, Former President of Bolivia

- Ricardo Gomes, Councilman of Porto Alegre and Former President of IEE

Mediation: Pedro De Cesaro, IEE Institutional Relations Director 


17:30 – Opening Ceremony

- Opening ceremony of the event

- Libertas Award

- Freedom of the Press Award

- Launch of the Constitution Project

- Presentation of the Voices of Change action


7:30 pm – Meeting of Potential Presidential Candidates

- Marina Silva

- Ciro Gomes

- João Amoêdo

- Flávio Rocha

- Geraldo Alckmin

- Henrique Meirelles

Mediation: Júlio César Bratz Lamb, President of the IEE


April 10 – Tuesday

9:30 AM – Undertake to Change:

- Bernardinho, Former coach of the Brazilian volleyball team

- Neil Patel, Digital Marketing Specialist

- Jorge Caldeira, Writer and PhD in Political Science

Mediation: Pedro Maciel Echel, IEE Communication Director


11h – Book Launch – Liberal Thoughts


11h20 – Special Lecture (keynote):

- Theodore Dalrymple, Psychiatrist, writer and cultural and social critic

Mediation: Mateus Berlt Jarros, IEE Training Director


12h20 – Break


2 pm – Agents of Change:

- Yaron Brook, Chairman of the Board of Directors of the Ayn Rand Institute

- Anne Rathbone Bradley, PhD in Economics and senior researcher at the Acton Institute

- Rodrigo Constantino, Economist and columnist

Mediation: Giovana Stefani, IEE Vice-President


15h30 – Politically Incorrect:

- Brendan O’Neill, Journalist and Publisher of Spiked Online

- Lya Luft, Writer, Translator and University Professor

- Leandro Narloch, Journalist and Writer

Mediation: Angela Francesca Grando Veit, IEE Financial Officer


5 pm – The Law:

- Sergio Moro, Federal Judge and Adjunct Professor of Criminal Procedural Law of the Federal University of Paraná

- Antonio Di Pietro, Deputy Prosecutor at the Milan Court and promoter of Operation Clean Hands

- Adriano Gianturco, Professor of Political Science at IBMEC-MG and PhD in Political and Economic Theory at the University of Genoa

Mediation: Júlio César Bratz Lamb, President of the IEE


18:30 – Special keynote speech:

- Deirdre McCloskey, Economist, Ph.D., Harvard University, historian and author

Mediation: Giovana Stefani, IEE Vice-President


Arena da Liberdade

April 10, Tuesday

10h00 – Sérgio Moro and Antonio Di Pietro

Mediation: Eduardo Wolf


11:30 a.m. – Bernardinho

Mediation: Leandro Gostisa


2:00 p.m. – Deirdre McCloskey

Mediation: Ricardo Gomes


3:30 PM – Theodore Dalrymple

Mediation: Rodrigo Constantino


17h00 – Panel transmission The Law


6:30 PM – Neil Patel

Mediation: Professor Luis Antonio Janssen (Business School of PUCRS)