29th Liberty Forum: Who moves the world?

Event Schedule

11 and 12 April, 2016


11th April 

5 pm – Welcome Panel:

Defining Freedom

- Guilherme Fiuza, Journalist and Writer

- Leandro Narloch, Journalist and Writer

- Rodrigo Marinho, President of the Liberal Institute of the Northeast – ILIN

Mediation: Lys Lenhart, Director of Institutional Relations and Freedom Forum


18h30 – Official opening of the 29th Freedom Forum

- Libertas Award:

- José Galló, CEO of Lojas Renner

- Freedom of the Press Award:

- Diego Casagrande, Journalist


7:30 p.m. – Panel:

Terra Brasilis

- Salim Mattar, Founder and President of Localiza

- Marcos Troyjo, Director of BRICLab at Columbia University (NY)

- Sérgio Maia, President of ADVB / RS

Mediation: Ricardo Heller, IEE President


12/04 Tuesday:


9h – Panel:

Admirable new world

- Tim Parsa, Director General of UFold México and Director of Global Strategy and Markets

- Gustavo Goldschmidt, CEO of Superplayer

- Gui Telles, general director of Uber Brasil

Mediation: Giovana Stefani, Director of Communication of the IEE


10h30 – Panel:

Competition and Business Activity

- Stephen Hicks, Philosopher and Professor at the University of Rockford (Illinois, USA)

- Guilherme Afif, President of SEBRAE National

- Alexandre Birman, CEO of Arezzo & Co

Mediation: Mauro Zaffari, IEE Financial Director


12h – Break

2pm – Panel:

Why  Nations Fail?

- Filippos Sachinidis, former Greek Min- istry of Finance

- Bruno Garschagen, Political scientist

- Jorge Quiroga, former president of Bolivia

Mediation: Thobias Zamboni, IEE Event Director


15h30 – Keynote:

- Joe Quirk, Author and Director of Communication – The Seasteading Institute


4pm – Panel:

Anatomy of the State

- Luis Alberto Lacalle Herrera, Former President of Uruguay

- Adriano Gianturco, Professor at IBMEC in Belo Horizonte and PhD in Political Theory

- Uinie Caminha, Professor and PhD in Commercial Law

Mediation: Paulo Fuchs, IEE Training Director


5:30 PM – Keynote

- Arnaldo Jabor, Filmmaker, screenwriter, film and TV director, playwright, journalist and writer


6:00 PM – Closing Panel:

Who is John Galt?

- Yaron Brook, Executive Director of Ayn Rand Institute

- Eduardo Marty, Founder of Junior Achievement Argentina

- David Coimbra, Journalist and Zero Hour columnist

Mediation: Rodrigo Tellechea, IEE Vice President