XXIV Liberty Forum – “Freedom in the Digital Era”


April 11 and 12, 2011


1st Panel – Individual Freedoms: The art of creating your own history

Lobão – Singer, composer, musician and TV host
Peninha – Journalist, writer, editor and translator

2nd Panel – Technology: Services and Opportunities

Romero Rodrigues – Founder of Buscapé
Paulo Castro – Bachelor’s Degree in Political Science and General Director of Terra Networks S/A

3rd Panel – Innovation and Tendencies: Looking to the future

Carlos Affonso Pereira de Souza – PhD in Civil Law
Rony Rodrigues – Founder of Box 1824 and researcher

4th Panel – Technology and Democracy: The naked government

Raul Velloso – Economist
Rodrigo Constantino – Economist and writer

5th Panel – The Challenges of the Press in the Digital Era

Merval Pereira – Commentator and columnist
Guilhermo Zuloaga – Lawyer and founder of Globo Vision

6th Panel – Education in the Future

Alexandre Dias – CEO of Anhanguera Educacional
Ricardo Pelegrini – Businessman

7th Panel – Free Web Economy

Tyler Cowen – Economist and writer
Lawrence Reed – Economist, Master’s Degree in History and president of the Foundation for Economic Education

8th Panel – A New Digital Democracy

Marcelo Tas – Journalist, author and TV director
Marcelo Madureira – Production engineer, writer, producer, radio host and comedian

IEE President: Felipe Quintana
Vice President: Ricardo Santos Gomes
Financial director: Guilherme Peretti
Events Director: Tomas Petter
Training Director: Vasco Maestri Trindade
Communications Director: Priscila Drebes Filimberti

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