XXII Liberty Forum – “Culture of Freedom”

April 6 and 7, 2009


Special Opening Lecture: Vicente Fox – Politician

 1st Panel – The Culture of Freedom

Charles Murray – Political scientist
Bolivar Lamounier – Sociologist

2nd Panel – Freedom and Protectionism

Ruth Richardson – New Zealand Minister of Finance from 1990 to 1993
Alessandro Teixeira – President of Apex
Otto Guevara Guth – Politician, founder of the Libertarian Movement Party of Costa Rica

3rd Panel – Freedom and Interventionism

Dennis Rosenfield – Writer and philosopher
Gustavo Franco – Economist, President of the Central Bank of Brazil from 1997 to 1999
Alberto Almeida – Doctor

4th Panel – Freedom of Ethnicities

Friar David dos Santos – Executive Director of Educafro
Demétrio Magnoli – Sociologist and geographer
Franklin Cudjoe – Founder and Executive Director of the IMANI Center for Policy and Education

5th Panel – Freedom of the Press

Cláudia Vassalo – Journalist, newsroom director at Exame Magazine
Tom Palmer – Cato Institute
Humberto Ávila – Lawyer and writer

Special Lecture: Salim Mattar – President and founder of Localiza Rent a Car


IEE President: Rafael Sá
Vice President: Luiz Leonardo Fração
Financial director: Cristiano Xavier
Director and Secretary: Felipe Quintana
Training Director: Marcus Klee Lopes
Communications Director: Gabriel Rezende

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