Liberty Forum XXI – “Now, the Market and the World”

April 7 and 8, 2008

1st Panel – Who is the Market Now?

Jorge Johannpeter –  President of Grupo Gerdau
Salim Mattar – President and founder of Localiza Rent a Car
David Feffer – President of Suzano Papel e Celulose

2nd Panel – Free Trade: Threat or Opportunity?

Ciro Gomes – Politician, lawyer and university professor
Paulo Guedes – Economist
Tom Palmer – Cato Institute

3rd Panel – Global Markets and National States

Carlos Alberto Montaner – Writer
Marcio Pochmann – Economist
Rodrigo Constantino – Economist and writer

4th Panel – Global Warming or Global Hysteria

Luiz Carlos Molion – PhD in Atmospheric Sciences
Philip Fearnside – Researcher and professor

5th Panel – Reforms for Increasing Competitive Edge

Pedro Malan – Brazilian electrical engineer, economist and professor
José Luis Cordeiro – Poet
Henry Maksoud – Businessman

Special Closing Lecture: Brazil in the Global Market
Henrique Meirelles – Financial sector executive

IEE President: Giancarlo Mandelli
Vice President: Rafael Sá
Financial director: Eduardo Sampaio
Director and Secretary: Luiz Leonardo Fração
Training Director: Gustavo Ene
Communications Director: Gabriel Barbosa

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